Friday, November 6, 2015

Day of the Dead - Gringa in Mexico Style

The last of the Vertical Video's today!  Also the last video where I'm nervous and won't go directly up to the people.  It was a process, a whole two days of working up the courage to just go close and ask to take a video for my mom :D  I'm totally learning this video stuff and working up my level of ballsy.

The first video is a simple share of some Mexican Hershey's Chocolate that I found on Halloween and was excited to try.  It was interesting, I'll give it that, but at least you can see what a lady I am while eating and find out about sitting on cars in streets.   :D

The second video I'm introducing you to how street vending is very much in-your-face even when you're not looking for it.  A lady selling tamales in front of a grocery store door and a man that just happened to randomly walk behind me during the video and try to sell me some tortillas from a cooler he was carrying over his shoulder.  Totally can't make that up!  Love it.  Love Mexico!


Thomas Allen said...

Yes ! I'll be here checking in to see what you are up to, keep them coming, the videos are great it makes my day. I'm smiling ear to ear. :)

Tony M said...

Unless you cook it yourself or watch it being made, eating food out is all about trust.

Even though the majority of the population around me is Hispanic, the major grocery stores in the area like Von's, albertsons and smart and final refuse to carry decent tortillas. If I want decent tortillas I have to go to the swap meet and buy no label tortillas. In other words there is no label on the package.

I can also get decent tamales at the swap meet if I am patient. Ladies sneak them in on baby strollers. You have to catch them making a sale or smell the tamales as you walk past the stroller.

Unknown said...

Loving the videos! Especially the PSA portion of the video..don't drink and drive and wear a condom. Priceless!

Gringa-n-Mexico said...

:) Thomas :)

Tony you go to swap meets for baby stroller tamales, squeeee! You win the day! Lol!

Unknown, I can't figure out a sign-out for the life of me :D