Thursday, November 5, 2015

Mexican Street Bread - and Screaming Mimi

Happy Day!  

I feel like writing "Welcome Back to Gringa in Mexico!" just like I do in the video's.  I can't help it, it just seems cheerful and I want you to feel welcome and know that I love that you're here.  *mushy mushy*

Today I'm posting a video - **OMG SIDE NOTE**  I promise that the next set of video's will be HORIZONTAL.  I didn't know about VVS (Vertical Video Syndrome) or how much the world hates it till yesterday when a friend informed me that I'm breaking a much love/hated YouTube code by taping myself vertically.  *snort snort* I said "taping" ahahah I'm old! Anyways, coming soon to a vlog near you - horizontal video's.

Back to our regularly scheduled program, today I'm posting a video about one of the many ways that daily baked fresh bread, sweet and savory comes screaming (yet literally) to our doorsteps here in Mexico.  I've posted a couple of pictures I took from a man I bought from that same day.  

OMG, can you feel the softness?  The crunch?  The addictive pull that screams EAT ME FOR I AM CRACK!  That might be just me...and about 80% of the population here as well, let's be honest.  They're not as sweet as breads in the U.S. of A. *the eagle flys*, even the ones that look like frosted donuts with sprinkles are actually pretty dry and not very sweet on the inside. The biscuits however, oh, oh man. They use SO much butter that Paula Dean would be like "HOT DAUMN!" and are absolutely worth living for.  If you ever come here do yourself a favor and set aside an entire day to eat one EACH with much coffee or hot chocolate.  

On to the video about how they're sold.  Enjoy - Gringa


Yvonne M said...

omg girl.. you are so freaking funny ~lol

Gringa-n-Mexico said...

<3 <3 Thank you :) :)

Tony M said...

You can tell if it's a good piece of bread if it goes stale in a day

Gringa-n-Mexico said...

Tony I guess it must be good, we never get second day bread here, of course now I wonder where all the leftovers go...