Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Why are We Fat? Coke is Cheaper than Water

A short video inside a 7-11 to talk about how Coca-Cola is cheaper than bottled water here.  Considering that we don't drink water from the faucet here it's in my mind a bit of a big deal and really kind of silly all at the same time.  

Mexicans here ADORE Coke, to the extent that Texas adore, I don't know...Texas.  It's pretty much a food group and at any given moment you're able to see a six year old child walking down the road from the corner store with a 3-liter of Coke in hand to take back to his family waiting for dinner.  That in itself was shocking to me when I first came here, but now I'm just excited for my own kid to turn 6.  ;) 

   Water, the bottle to the far right is a 12oz and costs 11 pesos.  

A variety of soda pops, all cheaper than water and all (delicious) sugar filled.

Aaand the Coke.  Yummy glass bottled Coke, a full 6 pesos cheaper than the water.  In total costing about .40 cents USD for glass bottle and around .80 cents USD for plastic. 

There you have it, we live in Crazy-Town. 


Amanda Seyer said...

So fun I love that you post videos!!!! My fav part was when you said the Doritos are not real. This made me laugh so hard. Because really thats the way we see it. I so want to figure out how to bring some doritos and cheetoes to MO when I go.

Gringa-n-Mexico said...

LOL but they aren't real! I say, Doritos originated in the U.S of A. with our original recipe. So any other country that decides to screw with it and change it into an abomination is open game :D :D It WOULD be cool if they were just pretend calories though, I would eat them all day for that :D

Tony M said...

Many of the taco stands in Mexico have those large glass jars with hibiscus water, horchata, etc. do you know if it's safe to drink from those?

Gringa-n-Mexico said...

Tony I can't say for sure, I have to imagine that they're made from tap water, which most people don't drink, but really, thousands of people drink them every day (just in my city) and we're not all dead yet. I've never gotten sick from it. I say live it up, the sugar is more likely to kill you than anything else in there :D Just make sure to get some spicy salsa!