Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Piñatas in Mexico

Piñatas always seemed like a pretty straight forward thing to me while I lived in the US but I had no clue how different the tradition actually is here in real-live-Mexico.  Check out what the differences are that you've been missing out on - maybe you'll want to adopt the new way as well.  I know I'll never go back to the old ways.  :D   

Second part!  I took another video of the stuffing process.  I don't actually hate Elsa or the Frozen movie as much as it appears in this video, I was just feeling on a roll that day is all.  I DO stand behind most of my comments though.  ;)


Katie said...

Still loving your videos. I gotta get a plane to Mexico! :)

Molly B said...

Ok, now we need to hear all about Christmas and New Years in Mexico!