Monday, December 7, 2015

Yard Sales in Mexico

Hello!  I went out yesterday (STILL camera-gun-shy to get up-and-close with people, I'm trying!) to take a new video on the phenomenon that is the wild amount of yard sales/garage sales held every day here in my part of Mexico.  It's all a masquerade of course, they're not your typical weekend garage sales at all, something else entirely to be truthful and I'm here to let you in on the secret.  

If you're a newbie you won't have to be fooled like I was.  ;)  

Have a great day, feel the sun on your face and if there's no sun, try out the wind.  

- Gringa 


Yvonne M said...

lol.. And you are rockin' the green sequin beany :-)
Wish I were there.. 1st thing I would do is take some WD-40 to the park
I was just at Costco and some ladies were buy tons of stuff to take back there to sell. I guess if there is a market for things there they will sell..
Just curious what are the Christmas traditions like in your town?

Gringa-n-Mexico said...

Yvonne omgosh I actually bought WD when the teeter totters got so loud that it was painful to listen to them. :D My mom and I oiled them up. Christmas, a good idea for a video! :D ON IT :D :D

~Mar~ said...

My aunt who lives here (in San Antonio) will always take her minivan practically full of items she gets here on sale and/or at garage sales. Especially Nikes and other name brand shoes. She sometimes finds them dirt cheap for like $10 and will triple the price in Mexico. She sells all of it like hot cakes because it is still cheaper for them than what is sold over there and not name brand. She ends up making enough doing that during the summer that she doesn't have to really work during the rest of the year. Her pre-teen daughters have gotten into the habit too and so now they save up their allowance, go buy a bunch of stuff before summer starts, take it to Mexico during the summer. And make enough money to buy themselves the newest electronics like tablets, ipods, phones and such once they are back in the states. It's crazy! Especially when you consider how much people actually make over there. How can they afford to buy anything???