Tuesday, December 15, 2015

Piñatas in Mexico

Piñatas always seemed like a pretty straight forward thing to me while I lived in the US but I had no clue how different the tradition actually is here in real-live-Mexico.  Check out what the differences are that you've been missing out on - maybe you'll want to adopt the new way as well.  I know I'll never go back to the old ways.  :D   

Second part!  I took another video of the stuffing process.  I don't actually hate Elsa or the Frozen movie as much as it appears in this video, I was just feeling on a roll that day is all.  I DO stand behind most of my comments though.  ;)

Thursday, December 10, 2015

Garbage Service in Mexico

The loud, the bells, the yelling and the honking.  Is it 11pm or 2:30a.m.?  Who cares, it's LATE, but it's what we've got going on here.  Check it out :)

Monday, December 7, 2015

Yard Sales in Mexico

Hello!  I went out yesterday (STILL camera-gun-shy to get up-and-close with people, I'm trying!) to take a new video on the phenomenon that is the wild amount of yard sales/garage sales held every day here in my part of Mexico.  It's all a masquerade of course, they're not your typical weekend garage sales at all, something else entirely to be truthful and I'm here to let you in on the secret.  

If you're a newbie you won't have to be fooled like I was.  ;)  

Have a great day, feel the sun on your face and if there's no sun, try out the wind.  

- Gringa 

Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Away From Home During the Holidays

This video is for anyone, expat or no, who is away from their loved ones and friends for the holidays.  We can choose to make them beautiful no matter the circumstances.  

Happy Thanksgiving,


Friday, November 20, 2015

Garbage Troubles in Mexico - It's not the raccoon's!

I'm totally excited about this video!  I solved a long running mystery about why my garbage is always found out of it's can and strewn all over the street in front of my house.  Nobody wants to see my frightening array of disposable ... things all out in the street, least of all me.  *shudder*  Husband has come up with a solution already, because he's smart like that.  

So join me, (there's swearing, just fyi) in my discovery of The Gruesome Garbage Attacker.  

So there you have it.  I didn't see it coming either.  Seriously, WHO KNEW??  LOL!  

See you soon! 

- Gringa 

Thursday, November 19, 2015

Hair Cuts in Mexico - It's Not Pubes

If you're a newbie to Mexico or are still struggling with your Spanish this post is for you!  When I first moved here I truly struggled getting my hair cut the way I wanted it due to not only my lack of Spanish but my sweet husbands as well.  He doesn't know words like "layers" or "bangs" in English let alone Spanish bless him and so getting my hair cut was a big ole pile of trial and ERROR for quite a few years.  Below the video I've listed some helpful words that you can use and some hints on the culture of hair cutting here as well.  Last, I've posted some pictures of what a hair salon in your neighborhood MIGHT look like.  It's not Super-cuts but it works out great when you get down the lingo!  

Important to check out how to say "hair" and not "pubes" like I did for the first few years here.  *cough*

Words to use:

"Flecos" (flay-cos) = Bangs

"Capas" (cah-pahs) = Layers

"Cabello" (cah-bay-yo) = Hair.   You CAN use "pelo" (pay-low) but it's a word that people use as slang for pubes.  Not all the time, like, you can use it, but you might draw some smiles from people with minds of 12 year old boys - AKA - all my BFF'S. 

"Pintar" (peen-tar) = Color --->  "Quiero pintar mi cabello"  (I want to color my hair).   Note for this, BRING a picture of the color you want.  Don't try and wing it by asking for a "subtle red" as you WILL go home looking like a deranged fire hydrant.  

"Base" (bah-say) = Perm  - No judgement here.
"Alasiado permanente" (ah-la-see-ya-do  pear-mah-nen-tay) -  Chemical Straightening.  

"Planchar" (plan-char) = straighten with a flat iron

"Rayos" (rie-yos) = larger stripped highlights

"Luces"  (loo-says) = delicate highlights 

And last, a big tip, they always ask me how many "dedos"  (fingers) of length I would like cut off.  Like, holding up your hand horizontally and showing two fingers might equal an inch and a half or so. BUT GAWD NO.  They always end up cutting at least twice as much as you asked for.  Not because they're not intelligent or good people but ... I have no clue why, something cultural?  It just always happens and I've found that one should never use "dedos" as a reference.  Just SHOW them how much.  

In fact, what you should really do until you find someone that is able to understand you and work with you and that you will worship till the end of your days with love and adoration for cutting your hair right and thus ensuring 6 weeks of bliss, is to just bring a picture of EXACTLY what you want.  And no matter what they ask, just point to the picture and smile.  

This is where it goes down for me.  It's a house and there's a sign in the window and that's it.  If the gate isn't locked you just go up and go in, I always notice people knock first because, well, it's her house. 
The left side of the room, those stairs lead up to her actual living quarters (this space below is what would normally be her living room and kitchen, but she's working it and whatever living she's doing is happening up stairs. Go girl, get it.  The door with the green sign is a bathroom.
This is the right side of the room directly after the bathroom door. This is the amount of space in an average mid-size Mexican house, just FYI.  They almost always have T.V.'s with cartoons. Notice the t.v dates back to 1990, everything is fixable here.    

I quite like the circa 90's hair cut options for men and do believe I might lust after buzz-cut-thin-stache man for quite some time.  If you can't read it, the faded green sign on the bathroom door has a notice stating that if your kid has lice you must tell her before she begins the cut and to please not be shy about it.  And that if you don't tell her and she notices while cutting that she's going to charge you an extra 100 pesos (about 8 dollars).  *cough*  So there's that. 

Last, pricing.  This is an AVERAGE hair cutting place for the majority of the regular-income folks.  We do have fancier salons but this is what the majority looks like.  Pricing is 60 pesos (about 4 dollars USD) unless you come on Wednesday and then it's 40 pesos (about 2.60 USD)  Kids are cheaper.  

Welcome to Mexico, may your travels be delicious and your hair cuts be fabulous. 

- Gringa 

Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Why are We Fat? Coke is Cheaper than Water

A short video inside a 7-11 to talk about how Coca-Cola is cheaper than bottled water here.  Considering that we don't drink water from the faucet here it's in my mind a bit of a big deal and really kind of silly all at the same time.  

Mexicans here ADORE Coke, to the extent that Texas adore, I don't know...Texas.  It's pretty much a food group and at any given moment you're able to see a six year old child walking down the road from the corner store with a 3-liter of Coke in hand to take back to his family waiting for dinner.  That in itself was shocking to me when I first came here, but now I'm just excited for my own kid to turn 6.  ;) 

   Water, the bottle to the far right is a 12oz and costs 11 pesos.  

A variety of soda pops, all cheaper than water and all (delicious) sugar filled.

Aaand the Coke.  Yummy glass bottled Coke, a full 6 pesos cheaper than the water.  In total costing about .40 cents USD for glass bottle and around .80 cents USD for plastic. 

There you have it, we live in Crazy-Town. 

Monday, November 9, 2015

Bad Mexican Candy - Evil Clown

Happy Monday!  (Or whatever day you found yourself here on this blog, happy that day too!)

To help get us through the doldrums I’m posting a video today that’ll inform you about the evil clown marshmallow lollipops widely sold here in Mexico and let you in on their dirty secrets and how they’re possibly destroying the spirits of entire generations of Mexican children.   

Also a bit of clown stripping, so you know, no kids allowed.  

Enjoy the day and beware the clown!  - Gringa